Principal's Report

‘The Power of Creativity”


One of our school values is creativity and last week our College General Assembly focused on this important aspect of learning and of life. Creativity comes in many different forms and it means different things to different people. Each of us are creative in our own way and each of us has the capacity for creative thinking. On Monday, I invited students to think about the value of creativity and how much they are truly embracing their creative powers in their learning at school. 

This past week has been a particularly creative week as we have celebrated Arts Week, as well as our major Centre for Young Writers Festival that took place on Wednesday and Thursday. It has been another fabulous week of student achievement and contribution at our school.  

The creativity of our students was absolutely on show for all to see, when our school production, The Dress Code completely wowed audiences at The Clocktower. I was in awe of the extraordinary talents of the students who starred in the show and of the teachers who wrote, directed, choreographed and scored the music for this year’s play.  There is an enormous amount of time, work and energy that goes into staging a production of this magnitude and if it wasn’t for teachers and students living our values, we couldn’t have achieved the spectacular result that we did. I know you join me in thanking and congratulating Ms Williams, Mr May, Ms Godfrey and the whole drama and music teaching team for their commitment, talent and achievement. 

Speaking of Drama and Music, I am delighted to share the news that from the beginning of Term 4, our students’ Drama classes will be moving back into our new Performing Arts Centre (PAC). This has been a huge project for our school and what we’ve done is create a new multi-purpose performing arts space for our students and community -  a high-quality, modern, professional space that students of Buckley Park College deserve. I’m already looking forward to seeing them take the stage in the new space and I look forward to seeing our students look after the new space well. It’s for them and it’s important that we keep it looking as fresh and sparkling as it does now. 

An evening of music and celebration is in planning for Term 4 to officially open the new PAC facility.


Being involved in The Dress Code is certainly an avenue for our students to explore their creativity; and there are also so many other ways for them to do this too. It is important that all of us find the time, and take the time, to allow our minds to operate creatively. Unfortunately the pressures and busy pace of the world and school can sometimes squeeze out creative thinking time and replace it with long lists of things to do and a feeling that you can’t keep up, not getting where you want to be. 


Our Year 12s may well be experiencing that feeling now. If that starts to happen, it is so important that they pause, take some time to breathe and reflect – ask themselves, am I putting too much pressure on myself? Is the world going to end if I put this to one side for half an hour and take a break? Is there a better way of using my time? Am I working smart or just working hard? Am I just getting the job done or have I given myself the space and time to let my creative ability shine? 

Our students, and indeed all of us, can only have those conversations when we give ourselves time to activate the creative part of our brains and value the time it takes to think broadly and differently. More and more we know that people who have this ability to think creatively; to think outside the box; to 

see the world in different ways are doing better in VCE, in VCAL, in NAPLAN and in the workplace.


I see this ability in our students every day and what they can do is amazing! 


Finally, I’d like to acknowledge the wonderful evening that we enjoyed on Friday September 1, when we celebrated the annual Year 11 Debutante Ball. The evening was a huge success and is an experience that our Year 11 students will remember long into the future. My sincere thanks to Julie Marshall (in her first year) and the whole FoBP (Friends of Buckley Park) team for organising such a great event.


It takes a considerable amount of work and time to put on the Deb Ball each year and on behalf of the school community, I thank Julie and her team. Some families may not know this, but due to the great work of the Friends of Buckley Park in organising the Deb Ball each year, we typically fundraise around $12000. It’s a massive contribution to our school and I’m so grateful for their work.

I will be on leave for the next two weeks and Geoff Currie takes responsibility as Acting Principal during this time. I look forward to being back at school with our students and staff at the start of Term 4.


Nathan Chisholm