Events List

Japanese Kana Club

Date:June 06,2023 to December 15,2023

Time:12:45:pm - 1:25:pm

Japanese Kana Club. Come along for anime, fun and games or even to get some help with your homework to WP2 every Tuesday Lunchtime. Bring your lunch - Everyone's welcome

Date:July 18,2023 to December 11,2023

Time:12:35:pm - 1:25:pm

Deutschklub in WP1. Alle Willkommen! German Club is held every Tuesday at lunch time in WP1 to assist students from any year level with any extra help they require. These sessions primarily focus on improving speaking and listening skills
School Council meeting

Date:December 11,2023

Time:6:00:pm - 7:00:pm

Berry Street - Student Free Day

Date:December 11,2023

Time:9:00:am - 3:05:pm

Staff PL - Berry Street training. Students not required to be on site
Semester 2 - reports open to Families

Date:December 14,2023

Time:All Day

School Photos

Date:February 19,2024

Time:8:15:am - 1:30:pm

7 - 12 individual and household siblings, staff photos - PAC
Photo Catch up

Date:February 27,2024

Time:8:30:am - 11:45:am

Any retakes, catch up photos - A12

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