Traffic and Parking Around Buckley Park College

Can I again stress the importance of correct driving and parking in the vicinity of the school when dropping off and picking up students? The following is of particular concern to the school:
  • students are being dropped off in the protected zone at the school crossing. It is illegal to stop (even momentarily) in this area when the flags are displayed. The area is clearly signposted. {No standing while flags are displayed]
  • cars are double parking in Nimmo Street when dropping off and picking up students. Again this is illegal, and more importantly, dangerous as students cross the road going to and from school.
  • the council car park on the north side of the school. Cars must only be stationary in this area in a marked car space - not in the driveways that go in and out.
  • the nature strip on Spencer Street. Again it is illegal and dangerous to park on this strip waiting for students.

Secondary students do not need to be dropped off and picked up at the gate. They can easily walk to a safer position to meet a car. This could be Cooper Street on the north side of Spencer Street or on the south side of Mary Street.

I have notified the MVCC and expect them to follow up on the school concerns. Attached is a flyer for MVCC explaining the rules that are in place and the fines that the rules attract if ignored.

Ultimately though, this is about student safety. Please think carefully about what happens - parents are models for future student behaviour.


Geoff Currie
Assistant Principal



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