Respectful Relationships

On Tuesday 26th March I had the privilege of taking Isaac Francis and Helena Paptas of Year 7, Max Landgren and Micaela Guarnaccia of Year 8 and Hannah Potter of Year 11 to the Department of Education training day on Respectful Relationships at the Melbourne Convention Centre on Southbank.

These students attended the workshop to learn how to complete activities on Respectful Relationships and then deliver these activities to their peers from a variety of schools in our region. The students were amazing in their enthusiasm and insights into the topics. Each of the students should be congratulated on their work.

Denise Truscott
Teacher of Studio Arts

Left to right
Hannah Potter, Micaela Guarnaccia, Isaac Francis, Helena Paptas & Max Landgren

On Tuesday 26th March, five of us students as well as Ms Truscott ventured all the way into the city to learn about respectful relationships amongst eight other schools from our area. On our way there, none of us really knew what we were getting ourselves into but on our way home, we were all very glad that we went.


The day began with a little meet and greet activity and learning about what an ‘Upstander’ is. We participated in many interesting and engaging activities throughout the day where we got to share our knowledge and opinions. My favourites of which were writing what issues we face in school on a balloon and then popping it to signify that we were going to do our best to eradicate them, and a game of agree, disagree, unsure where we heard people’s opinions on important issues such as that “Teasing is a part of school.” After learning about what is happening in schools and how we can be an upstander, we had a gourmet lunch break that included sliders, sushi and a hot chocolate stand. What more could you want?


After lunch, we started to talk about how we can influence and change our school’s perspective on what a respectful relationship is and how they can be an upstander. We came up with some amazing ideas including regular talks at assemblies and putting up engaging posters around the school. We will also be running a forum of our own for other schools in the area so that they can continue on this streak of respect and helpfulness.


You may be wondering, how can I be an upstander? The simple answer is, in anyway. If you see some bullying out in the yard, do something about it. Even if it’s just asking the person if they’re okay or actually going into the situation and telling the perpetrator that what they’re doing isn’t okay. Remember that doing anything is better than doing nothing.


This was a really exciting and amazing opportunity that we can’t wait to play out over the next few months. In the meantime, take an opportunity to think about how you can improve your relationships so that they are respectful and how you can be an upstander. 

Hannah Potter YR11




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