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Debating students- Eric Rametta, Catherine Nguyen and Ben Frewen.

The debating programme at Buckley Park College has continued to flourish. A total of 26 debaters from Buckley Park College, Years 8 to 12, have taken part in the Debaters’ Association of Victoria schools competition – the largest English-language debating competition in the world. 


The debates are a mixture of prepared and secret debates (where the topic is released one hour before the debate), and the topics encompass Australian and international politics, human rights and ethics, societal issues, economics and science.


Students who participate in the debating program are not only provided with an opportunity to broaden their perspectives on current affairs, they also extended their capacity to dissect questions and explain their thoughts concisely and logically, all the while improving their public speaking skills. 


Under the leadership of debating captains Isabelle Orosz (11E) and Samuel Nicholls (11D), students assemble weekly in order to prepare complex arguments, complete research and discuss them as teams.


The debates themselves help the students to develop skills such as critical and logical thinking, social awareness, and confidence in speaking and presenting arguments, the usefulness of which extends well beyond the realm of debating.


However, above all, this debating encourages engagement with, and furthers students knowledge and understanding of some of the most important issues facing the world today.


Five rounds of regional debates involves tough competition from schools such as Penleigh and Essendon Grammar School, Lowther Hall, St Columba’s College, St Bernard’s College and many more. 


In addition, number of students excelled by winning ‘Best Speaker’ including: Alexander Walsh (12E), Isabelle Orosz (11E), Ulysses Reid (11B),Eric Rametta (9A), Jack Do (8A), Max Landgren (8D),Timothy Siklias (8B) and Vivian Ta (8A).


The debating programme at Buckley Park College provides fantastic training for students as debaters and thinkers, in a wide range of areas:

- Promotes confidence and effective public presentation

- Encourages logical and critical thinking

- Social awareness and an interest in current affairs 

- Is multi-disciplinary and the benefits of debating extend through all aspects of the school curriculum

Debating Coordinator

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