Year 9 Japanese Film and Restaurant Experience

Year 9 Japanese students (9F/9G/9H) attended an excursion on Wednesday 26th of June. The students watched a Japanese film called "The Boy and the Beast" which focuses on a wide range of Japanese culture such as manners, politeness and Kendo, "the way of the sword" at the Cinema Nova in Carlton. The group then stopped at a Japanese restaurant located in East Brunswick in order to experience authentic Bento (Japanese lunch box) as well as visiting a famous Japanese general store, Bourke Street Daiso, for shopping. All students had a great time and learnt so much about Japanese culture. I would like to thank Mr. Garrett, Ms. Vargas and Ms. Page for their support during the excursion.
Mr Hayashi
Japanese Teacher

Feedback from students:


Name: Eva Evgenidis (9F)

The excursion was an amazing experience. Reasons for this are because of the many different aspects of Japanese culture we found out about. From watching a very engaging Japanese movie to enjoying the taste of a Japanese Bento Box. Overall, the highlight of the excursion was the movie, as the message of it really enlightened me to understand others and how we should not just a book/person by its cover. Therefore, not only was the excursion a highlight of the subject of Japanese, but a heart-warming memory.


Name: Hrithik Nilmadhub (9H)

I thought the Japanese excursion was a very authentic and fun depiction of Japanese culture and I thought the movie was very entertaining and depicted positive messages as well as a fantastic obento box provided by Matsumoto and I would strongly encourage all Japanese students to go on this excursion.


Name: Ethan Jay Fenton (9G)       

I really enjoyed going on the Japanese excursion. The subject Japanese has not had an excursion in a long time so it was very refreshing and enjoyable. I was really happy to be able to watch anime in the cinema with my friends and to be able to eat Japanese food afterwards. The highlight of the excursion was eating the Japanese food with my friends and teaching them how to eat with chop sticks.

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