Year 11 Falls Creek Ski Camp

Ski Camp at Falls Creek was probably one of my favourite camps I've ever been on. It was flexible, refreshing and all in all, a good time. The instructors were extremely friendly and experienced and allowed us to, in a way, see where we were at. Everyone had different skill levels, some picked it up quicker than others but that didn't matter because all of us were just there to enjoy ourselves. We would ski/snowboard hours on end and then just get to wind down when we got back to our accommodation. 

Even the accommodation at Howmans Gap, Falls Creek was incredible; there was snow that reached halfway up the shin, and Mr Garrett provided toboggans for us to use. There were also many other activities. Overall, it truly exceeded our expectations and was such an unforgettable experience.

Zoe Ngo Year 11

Year 11 Ski Camp is definitely one to remember! The camp was fun and a getaway we all deserved. Our days started around 6 am and ended at 10 pm. Our instructors made us feel comfortable and connected with us on a personal level. They were extremely friendly and made our mornings something to look forward to. 

It was my first time seeing snow and my first time snowboarding. At the start, I found it super difficult and stacked it at least 50 times down each run.  Some people picked it up pretty fast and others (me) took at least the first two days to learn. At the end of the day, we were all able to enjoy ourselves in the snow and have fun. We would snowboard for hours on end and meet up after every few hours and would chill at cloud 9 to give ourselves a break. The food was a little pricey but tasty anyways. we also got sandwiches provided also. 

At our accommodation, Howmans Gap, we found the stay to be incredible. The place was stacked with loads of fun stuff to do. it included a Games room and movie room also. Overall, Camp truly surpassed my imagination and was such an astonishing and memorable experience and I am glad to say that I definitely enjoyed my first time at the snow!

Jhaisha Weereratne Yr 11

Ski camp was an experience I will never forget. For someone that has never been to the snow before, I was a bit nervous. When I started snowboarding, I was a bit of a baby giraffe,  but with a bit of help from my Czech instructor and the teachers, I was able to get the hang of it. 

That’s where the fun really started. I started slow on green runs and by the second day, I was able to get down some blue runs. It was really fun even though I stacked it a couple of times. Not only was it full of adrenaline, but there were also amazing views to go along with all the fun. I would definitely recommend it and it is a great chance to try something new and have fun with your friends.

Alijan Ruiz Year 11


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