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As a Lead School of Respectful Relationships some of our student leaders had the opportunity to participate in a student forum focusing on being an upstander.  This was an excellent day, full of many activities and we left with much knowledge.  


Following on from this we were asked to host a similar event, this time as facilitators.  We had the opportunity to pass this knowledge on to other student leaders.  One hundred students and teachers from our partner schools visited us here at Buckley Park College and we were able to teach them what we had learnt about being an upstander.  We delivered the activities and were able to talk to other schools and exchange ideas about how we can get this important message out more.  


We felt that this message was so important we even had more students from Buckley Park attend and join our student voice Respectful Relationships team.  The feedback from the event was excellent and all schools left with brilliant ideas on how to spread this message.  


After conversations with Ms Conway, Ms Parker and Ms Vargas we decided we would like to continue to spread this message.  They let us know that it is being taught in Year 7 already so after some discussion we asked if we could run a Buckley Park College student forum to help our student body become upstander within our school community.  This will be happening at Year 9 later in the year so stay tuned to hear the recap on that event.  

We have attached a few photos to show you the event we hosted as well as a short clip prepared by Eva Evgenidis, which we encourage you to have a look at.  



The RR Student Voice Team  


We would like to take the opportunity to thank our RR Student Voice team for the time, effort and contributions they have made to Respectful Relationship this term.  It has been a busy time and they have managed to keep up with their schooling and other commitments, while also providing their invaluable input into our program.  A huge thank you to Helena Paptas, Isaac Francis, Max Landgren, Eva Evgenidis, Alex Rokka, Hannah Potter and Isabelle Burke for your efforts.  It is much appreciated and we look forward to continuing to work with you.

RR Teacher team 

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