Debating Success- Congratulations! Buckley Park College Debating Team

For the first time since the inauguration of the school in 1963, Buckley Park College’s Year 12 debating team made it into the final eight of the prestigious ‘A Grade’ championship in the Debaters Association of Victoria, the largest English-language debating competition in the world.

The team included 2019 Co-Captain of Debating Isabelle Orosz (Year 11), Samara D’Cruz, Nicholas Leppan, In Beom Park and Alexander Walsh.

Debating requires an engagement with the world and all five members love learning and thinking about problems, and that is what debating allowed them to do. For an hour of their week they got to sit down and think about why an issue matters. In thinking through a topic, they were then able to present ideas and arguments that could collectively create the best outcome.

Alongside their debating skills, the team members brought a wealth of expertise in other disciplines as diverse as Languages, Music, Mathematics and Science. This breadth of talent and knowledge across a range of subject areas, along with their ability to work together, were key strengths of the team.

What set this team apart, was also the ability to communicate with each other effectively. At ‘A Grade’ level, most debates are on unseen topics, which meant that they only had one hour to prepare. So that ability to come together, share ideas and weave together a common argument is what made them such a formidable debating team.

The success of the team was a culmination of years of hard work, their intrinsic motivation as well as the assistance of a number of teachers at Buckley Park College. They should be very proud of their achievement.

Alexander Walsh, In Beom Park and Isabelle Orosz

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