Polished Man

Did you know worldwide one child dies every 5 minutes as a result of violence?  This is a hard statistic to get your head around. The VCAL students, found ourselves wondering what they could do to help end violence against children.  Polished Man was the answer.     

October is the month of Polished Man, where people are challenged to paint a nail to show their support to end violence against children.  The idea is a painted nail sparks a conversation, which inspires a donation. These donations go towards trauma recovery and prevention. The VCAL students at Buckley Park realised they can paint a nail, talk to people about the importance of this campaign and aim to raise some funds.  

First was to get teachers and other students on board.  This was easy. Next was to organise how to get some donations.  After some brainstorming, they decided to donate the proceeds of the VCafe to Polished Man.  While the VCafe was running they set up a nail polish station to give us the opportunity to talk to people about this cause and give them the opportunity to donate.  

Turns out people care about this topic and they raised $188.95 already and it is only half way through the month. 

It really shouldn’t hurt to be a child- Isabelle Bourke

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