The Dental Team are Here!

The friendly dental team from Australian Dental Health Victoria, are here at Buckley Park College providing our students with a free, high quality annual dental health examination and free follow up treatment as needed. The program is for all students attending public primary, secondary or special schools in Victoria.

Students with the consent of their parents, have booked in to see the Dentist in this portable Van here at school. Strangely enough, students are quite happy to leave class and head off for a dental check up and Dr Chris has commented on how good the children's teeth are. 

Due to an overwhelming response, the Dental Van will be here again next week so if you haven't had your appointment yet don't worry.  Dr Chris has said that he wont be leaving until every child that has applied is seen - even if it takes longer than the end of next week.

If you haven't returned your form yet and would like to take advantage of this convenient opportunity you can still do so by collecting a dental form from the front office and returning it to Sue McCarthy in the First Aid office.

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