Meagan learns online 7,722 kilometres away

Remote Learning will finish this Friday 05th  June and all our students will return to onsite learning at school on Tuesday 9th June. For one of our students, Meagan in year 8, will have to continue learning 7,722 kilometres away from school.

In March, Meagan and her family travelled to Hanoi, Vietnem to visit with family, and due to COVID-19 are still there. Since online learning commenced in April, Meagan has been logging in every school day to join her classmates at school.

With a time difference of 3 hours behind Melbourne, Meagans first class for her remote learning starts at 05:50 am. Meagan had to adjust to remote learning in Vietnam quickly and really is making the most of her life and studies in the Vietnamese culture. Below are Meagan's answers to a few questions we ask her about remote learning in Vietnam.

What is the best thing about remote learning?

The first thing is, it is good for my safety. Based on the social distancing requirement, I could study online, which meant I could stay at home and catch up with all the work. Thus, it could be safe for me, my friends and my teachers as well. 

The second thing is that instead of waking up early and going to school, I could wake up late and sat on my desk to have a meeting with my teacher and my friends. Furthermore, wearing pijama or whatever I wanted during studying made me feel comfortable. 

Last but not least, I could still follow the curriculum even if it was during the quarantine time. Instead of being lazy - watching Netflix on the couch all the time and not doing any work, remote learning programmes can push me up and feel energetic to study. 

 What is the hardest thing about remote learning?

The hardest thing is related to a lot of distracted stuff around my room. For example, my phone has a lot of games or social media apps which were extremely attractive to me. 

Moreover, I was in Vietnam. Thus, the other hard thing about remote learning is about the time zone difference. The time gap is about 3 hours so I needed to wake up early at 5.00AM to fill the morning attendance form and catch up class at around 6.00AM in the morning.

How is your remote school day different in Vietnam compared to at home in Essendon?

As mentioned above, the big difference between studying online in Vietnam and at home in Essendon is the time zone gap. 5.00 AM in the morning is too early for me to wake up each morning. It made me feel really sleepy during studying. However, after 1 week, I got used to it and could follow all courses effectively. Because, I arranged time to ensure the balance between studying and relaxing, which did not make me feel tired and could complete all work well required by my teacher. 

Furthermore, to be honest, during remote studying in Vietnam, I could enjoy Vietnamese tea such as Lychee Iced Tea or Peach Iced Tea from a famous Vietnamese tea brand. During break time,I could have small snacks such as Vietnamese Bread or some fruits. 

Especially, sometimes, instead of staying at home to study, I could change the location to a coffee shop with my sister. It was a quiet place which was suitable for learning and enjoying tea or coffee as well. Studying at a coffee shop made me feel relaxed and could focus on my study better than ever.

What fun thing do you do in Vietnam that you cannot do in Essendon?

The first fun thing I could do in Vietnam is that I could lie on my grandmother’s couch and watch Netflix. Furthermore, I could be like a baby - lying on the couch and eating whatever I wanted without doing anything else. 

Another thing is about tasting Vietnamese cuisine. I could taste all my favourite Vietnamese street food. I could attach some pictures about Vietnamese food that I ate in Vietnam. (Pics)

What are you most looking forward to doing when you get home to Essendon?

The most I'm looking forward to doing when I get home to Essendon is to catch up with my best friends. I have a lot of things to share with my friends, and have a long chit chat about all the time I was in Vietnam. 

Another thing is that I can visit my favourite shops and restaurants at CBD- Shopping and enjoy some meals.

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