Ben Inverno Memorial Scholarship

We are accepting applications for the Benjamin Inverno Memorial Scholarship. This scholarship is open to BPC students in Year 10-11 or 12 (2022).

Ben Inverno passed away on the 25th of June 2020, aged 22. He attended Buckley Park Secondary College along with his two sisters, Lainie and Eliza. He graduated in 2016 after completing his VCE and was DUX in Physics and Further Mathematics.

To keep Ben’s memory alive and to remove the stigma around mental health issues, it is the hope that by offering this financial support we can ease some of the burden families face to educate our young people.

The Benjamin Inverno Memorial Scholarship Fund is an initiative of Simone Andrewartha, Ben’s mum. Simone and her team recently raised $12,870 for the Black Dog Institute “One Foot Forward Together” walk. Simone is passionate about supporting others and is a Mental Health First Aider at the Metro Tunnel project. She also believes that the first step in fighting this disease is by removing the stigma around mental illness and talking about it.

The scholarship will be awarded to a Buckley Park student in Year 10,11 or 12 (in 2022) who exhibits some of the values and character strengths that Ben demonstrated.

Those include, but are not limited to: Courage, integrity, gratitude, learning agility, passion, humility, composure, enthusiasm, a team player, foresight, empathy. A student may either self- nominate, be nominated by another student, or by a staff member. The Benjamin Inverno Memorial Scholarship is awarded to a Buckley Park student who exhibits some of the values and character strengths that Ben demonstrated.

 The expression of interest should be completed by the nominee and submitted to Mr Dunstan, Assistant principal of the Later Years The due date in Wednesday 10th November.

The scholarship of $1000 will be available to the recipient as a disbursement towards the cost of their education. This could include fees, textbooks, camp and other educational materials.

The inaugural Benjamin Inverno Memorial Scholarship recipient will be announced at the final awards ceremony for 2021 at Buckley Park College.

Please see your year level coordinator if you have any questions about this opportunity.



Craig Dunstan
Later Years Principal

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