Our partnership with Swinburne University

We are very fortunate to partner with Swinburne University’s Aristotle Emotional Intelligence program as part of our Middle Years Life Ed program at Buckley Park College.

Swinburne University & Aristotle Emotional Intelligence Partnership

Social and emotional learning is vital for success in many areas of life beginning in the early years and continuing throughout adulthood. Aristotle EI is a suite of Emotional Intelligence development programs for schools designed to foster better relationships, social abilities, academic success, enhanced mental health and happier school communities.

In Year 7, students are supported in their transition to secondary school by exploring the following topics:

  • Understanding emotions
  • Managing worries
  • Belonging
  • Coping with emotions
  • Forming healthy friendships
  • Assertiveness
  • Stand up, speak up

In Year 8, students explore their wellbeing with the following topics:

  • Understanding emotions
  • Casting my emotional self
  • Tuning into my emotions
  • Expressing emotions and emotional needs
  • Detecting emotions in others
  • Small group presentations
  • Mixed emotions
  • Emotional red-flags
  • Self-care
  • Mindfulness reflection
  • Emotional regulation through music
  • Emotions in times of conflict
  • Benefits of intuition
  • Emotions in problem solving

In Year 9, students explore deeper into dealing with stress and navigating relationships by the following topics:

  • Understanding emotions
  • Emotional intelligence assessment and analysis
  • Emotional recognition and expression
  • Enlisting support from others
  • Emotions and thoughts
  • Assertiveness
  • I feel, I need
  • What is stress?
  • Dealing with stress
  • Planning for the future
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