Our Piano 'Veronica Victor'

Meet our recycled and restored Community piano, Veronica.

At Pianos Recycled, we have a simple objective - creating piano futures for old unwanted pianos!

They save unwanted pianos from an ignoble end through handcrafted restoration or imaginative re-purposing. They process each instrument thoughtfully and creatively to extract not only a useful future as a unique and valued item, but they also ensure the embodied qualities of the piano's materials and craftsmanship receive the respect they deserve.

We are very greatful to have Pianos Recycled provide us with 'Veronica', Through the "PREPS" Initiative, A Program for Recycled Educational Pianos in Schools. 
Veronica sits undercover outside our buildings, well protected from the rain. She is bolted to the ground and so is her piano stool. Built in the USA in the 1920's she is very solid and has a big sound. 

Our students are really enjoying that she is here and gather around Veronica  at recess and lunch to hear someone playing her.

A huge thank you to Pianos Recycled for our Veronica.

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