Our Principal

At Buckley Park College all our staff are committed to providing high-quality education in a caring environment. Each student has the opportunity to reach personal excellence.  We pride ourselves in building a strong student, family and school partnership, which enhances the college aim to ensure this. Partnerships are achieved through the work of our teachers who differentiate their teaching approach and provide diverse opportunities throughout the students’ education journey.

Buckley Park College continually strives to deliver excellence in education. All staff are engaged in Professional Learning using research based approaches. The staff are building consistency in practice across every classroom. This ensures that all students have a similar learning experience supplemented with authentic assessments which celebrate students’ achievement.

We set high expectations for our students’ learning in a supportive/caring environment with a focus on their social and emotional health via the college Positive Education program. As a Strength Based School, we work together with our community in celebrating individual strengths of the students with our families.

We endeavour to ensure our students are prepared for the technologically rich world and are equipped with a high set of skills including collaboration, creativity, communication and critical thinking.

The College complements learning programs with diverse extra-curricular activities, catering for a broad range of interests. You may wish to pursue your creativity in Instrumental Music, participate in the College annual theatre production, participate in debating and public speaking or compete in Local, Zone, State and National sporting competitions. You may also wish to participate in National competitions in English, Mathematics, Science and Information Technology to name a few. At every year level we promote connectedness and independence through camps and excursions.

Being a part of the Buckley Park College community means that students and staff promote and practise our core values: Aspiration, Kindness, Resilience and Community.


We welcome you to come on a tour of the college- to see us in action. Gain a sense of the learning and relationships that exist in every classroom by experiencing our culture and observing the pride we have for our school and for all those who pass through its doors.

Harold Cheung


“Build Your Wings”, the school motto, symbolises the important role the school plays in nurturing the academic and personal development that prepares our students for successful and happy futures.




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