Assessment and Reporting

All students are regularly assessed on their progress towards achievement of course requirements. Apart from receiving comprehensive semester reports, parents are able to attend two formal teacher interview afternoon/evenings. There are also many informal opportunities for parents to discuss their child’s learning with teachers. Where a student is experiencing problems making satisfactory progress appropriate and individual support structures, which involve student, parents and teachers, are put in place. This also involves more regular progress reports and closer monitoring. All Year 11 & 12 students receive additional; progress reports each semester. All reports are now accessed electronically though our Parent Portal.

In Years 7-10, assessment is graded and based on the completion of course work and assessment tasks. Year 10 students also sit formal examinations at the end of each semester. Each student is issued with a detailed written report for each subject at the end of each semester. These reports detail progress and achievement in a number of key behaviours and work habits as well as outcomes of assessment tasks and AusVELS level.

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