Teachers Make The Difference

The single most important factor in determining the most successful student learning outcomes possible is the quality of our teachers.  We understand that there is very clear and robust International research that has identified the characteristics of high performing schools. Central to these findings is the role of teachers.

At Buckley Park College we embrace the learning and research of best practice from around the world. We have worked closely with international expert partners from the Mid-Continent Research for Education and Learning in the USA (www.mcrel.org) to support our teachers improve their practice. We continue to invest heavily in our profession, understanding that we need the very best prepared teachers in classrooms with students.

We value our teachers and recognise the complexity of their work. Our focus is on learning and on building teacher capacity to enhance that learning. In our work we have emphasised the importance of using research based classroom strategies and encouraged the use of a common lesson format; IMPACT. We have worked hard to develop this common language to describe quality instruction. We plan our lessons using this IMPACT technique. We continue to work on this as we strive to get better and better at what we do every day.

We believe in the requirement of schools to have a guaranteed, clearly articulated and well sequenced curriculum. Embedded in which must be a variety of formative and summative assessments. Research reiterates to us that timely and targeted feedback is crucial to the learning process.

Every teacher at our school is connected to a Student Learning Team. These teams are Professional Learning Teams which hold improvement in instruction, close understanding of student work and the development of an engaging and purposeful curriculum at their core.

Teachers do indeed make the difference.


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