Student Wellbeing

Wellbeing refers to students’ physical, social and emotional development. At Buckley Park College student wellbeing is of utmost importance. We believe that students are better prepared for learning when they are healthy, safe and happy and that student wellbeing and learning are inextricably linked. Student wellbeing is the responsibility of all members of our school community. 

At Buckley Park College we aim to provide a positive, safe and supportive school environment so that each student can maximise their educational potential.  Our focus is on prevention and early intervention. We take a whole school approach to wellbeing with our College Positive Behaviours and Expectationsour school organisation, our ethos, our curriculum and our student services. Our approach is both proactive, through programs that are embedded in our curriculum, and reactive, as we support students in specific times of need.

Buckley Park College aims to:

  • Build positive relationships based on mutual respect throughout the school, between and amongst staff, students, parents and other members of our broader community
  • Promote inclusiveness in all aspects of school life and recognize the diverse needs of young people
  • Identify issues and concerns confronting young people and provide a range of appropriate programs and services to students; this can include both primary prevention programs and direct intervention
  • Create an environment where students are able to get support with for their wellbeing, their learning and their connectedness to their peers and the College
  • Provide counselling, referral and, where appropriate, confidentiality
  • Support staff with appropriate professional development around student wellbeing
2019 Student Wellbeing and Engagement Policy and Procedure
2019 Supporting course selections for students

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