Support Services

The Wellbeing team at Buckley Park College provides a range of health and wellbeing services for students. In addition to school based counselling, our early intervention approach includes implementing appropriate programs.

We aim to create a positive and supportive learning environment through individual counselling and referral to appropriate services. Part of our role is to provide support, information, advocacy and referral on health and wellbeing related matters such as mental health, sexuality, sexual health, and drugs and alcohol.  We provide counselling to students, with confidentiality where appropriate, for emotional and/or social difficulties affecting a student’s academic progress and personal life. When necessary, we will provide crisis intervention for students.

In addition, we support students who have learning difficulties, physical disabilities, conditions like ASD and serious medical issues such as cystic fibrosis. The Wellbeing team works closely with families and teachers as well as allied health professionals such as educational psychologists, speech pathologists, social workers and the visiting teacher. Where appropriate we utilise specialist services external to the College.

At all times, we endeavour to be sensitive to our students’ needs.


The Wellbeing team at Buckley Park College consists of:

  • Alexia Kanellakos- Student Wellbeing Manager
  • Gemma Staude- Mental Health Practioner
  • Patricia Manlio- Inclusive Education Coordinator 
  • Clair Whittingham- Student Wellbeing and Support Officer
  • Maree Maffei - Learning Support Staff
  • Zoe Vathianakis - First Aid Attendant

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