Unique Opportunities

Life at Buckley Park College is much more than English, Maths and PE classes. It is also about embracing the myriad opportunities available to our students and community. Our school is a vibrant place of learning and it’s also an exciting, diverse, multi-cultural, inclusive and caring community; students are at the centre of all that we do and say. In order to make our school the best place possible for the students in our care, we believe that the unique opportunities we offer our students set us apart and make this school one of the very best.

Whether it be in sports, the performing arts, or chilling out in the library with a great book, every day at BPC is a bright one. At our school, you can join the Equality Alliance club, Japanese Kana club, the Deutschklub or the Arts club. What matters at BPC is that the unique opportunities we can provide our students help to elevate our school out of the buildings and into the realm of being a really special (and unique) culture.

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