Buckley Park College has a rich history of music education, starting from the modest beginnings of a small, but passionate instrumental program, and growing over the years into the integrated and extensive, classroom, band and instrumental program it is today. Our program has seen the construction of a specialised instrumental music centre, the winning of awards at recognised music competitions, our reputation in the community grow as a school with a strong music emphasis, but most importantly - the development of talented students with a passion and love for music who have either gone on to study and excel in their chosen field, or simply live a life fulfilled by music. 

We have a passionate and dedicated staff who continually go above and beyond in order to deliver not only high-quality curriculum and education, but also a broad range of extracurricular activities to enrich and enhance the music education of all of our talented students. Activities such as the school musical, music camp, lunch-time performances and attending competitions, such as Generations in Jazz, have become mainstays of our program that students eagerly await each year and continually quote as being favorite moments of their schooling. 

Below you will find details about our music program including an outline of our classroom and instrumental program; instruments, ensembles and performance opportunities available; and some information about how a music education will benefit your son or daughter’s overall development - personally, socially and academically.

Classroom outline

The classroom music program at BPC features two semesters of compulsory Music in Year 7 and 8, followed by Music as an elective in years 9 and 10, and finally leading to VCE Music Performance. The classroom program is built upon the the strands of fostering creativity, developing performance skills, and exploring the rich music of our planet. All of the topics studied from Year 7 through to 10 require students to listen to and analyse a variety of music, and also create and perform/reproduce a related work. Not only are our Music subjects informative and thought-provoking, but also engaging and exciting.

Topics studied at years 7 and 8

Exploring and defining music

Music of West Africa

Rock Music

Topics studied at years 9 and 10

Electronic music composition

Music in Film

Medieval Music

Origins of Jazz

Ensemble performance

Solo performance 


At BPC we focus on the VCE Music Performance course that sees students focus on and develop their performance skills on a specialist instrument. The VCE course culminates in two public performances with students performing at a lunch time ensemble concert, and also a solo recital evening open to the public. Over the years Buckley Park College has seen many of its music students go on to study their craft at highly regarded institutes such as the University of Melbourne and the Victorian College of the Arts. 

Instrumental outline

The Instrumental Music Program offers unique opportunities for students wishing to explore a musical instrument. A variety of instruments are offered from the woodwind, brass and percussion families (see detailed list below) as well as vocal lessons. Students who enter the Instrumental Music Program receive one 50 minute lesson a week, which is conducted on a rotating timetable to ensure students do not miss consecutive classes. Instrumental Music Students are also given the opportunity and encouraged to participate in the various ensembles offered at the school.

Ensembles available

Junior Stage Band

Senior Stage Band

Junior Concert Band

Intermediate Concert Band

Senior Concert Band


Production band

Guitar Ensemble

Various Small Ensembles 

Instruments available 


  • Flute
  • Clarinet
  • Bass Clarinet
  • Saxophone

-    Alto

-    Tenor

-    Baritone



  • Trumpet
  • Trombone
  • Euphonium

Drums and percussion

Guitar and bass guitar


Performance opportunities

We pride ourselves on the number of opportunities students at BPC have to perform in a wide variety of contexts. Students engaged in music either casually or as long-time members of the instrumental and classroom program; and students who have only recently begun learning an instrument through to those with years of experience all have a place in our performance calendar - a sample of which can be found below:

Mid Year Music Concert

Annual Music Concert

Annual School Production


Buckley Park College event performances:

Music Fundraiser Evening

Art show opening

General and year-level assemblies

Lunchtime concerts/gigs

VCE Ensemble/Solo Performance Evening

External event performances

Local primary school fetes and events







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