School Council

Our School Council is a legally formed body that is given powers to set the key directions of the College.  It is the major governing body of the College and decides future directions for the College and oversees the College's operation.

The role of School Council:

  • to establish broad direction and vision of the College within the Learning Community.
  • to develop and monitor the College Strategic Plan.
  • to develop, review and update the College policies.
  • to develop, review and monitor the Student Code of Conduct and the Student Dress Code.
  • to raise funds for College related purposes.
  • to approve the annual budget and monitor expenditure.
  • to maintain the College's grounds and facilities.
  • to enter into contracts (e.g. cleaning).
  • to report annually to the Learning Community and to DET.
  • to stimulate interest in the College generally.


College Council does not:       

  • manage the College.
  • employ teaching staff.
  • represent sectional interests.
  • renew the Principal's contract or hire and fire the Principal.
  • determine class allocations.
  • discuss individual issues between teachers and students and/or parents.


The Buckley Park College School Council always offers an open invitation to all College and Community members to attend and participate in Sub-Committee meetings.


Council Members 2022

  • President – Josie Piscopo 
  • Vice President – Caroline Molloy
  • Treasurer – Christopher Wood
  • Executive Officer and Principal - Harold Cheung

Parent Representatives

  • Josie Piscopo
  • Caroline Molloy
  • Christopher Wood
  • Kate Menzel
  • Kell Culkin
  • Paul Mullins
  • Alexandra Lucca

DET Representatives

  • Paul Faci
  • Craig Dunstan
  • Brent Taylor
  • Jamie Veneman

Student Repreentatives

  • Anuka Ranasinghe
  • Owen Parris
  • Vivian Ta
  • Julia Montalto



  • Helen Spargo

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