Parent Portal

The Buckley Park College Parent Portal is a secure site where parents can go to to find out current information about their child as well as see current news within the school. This information will be updated regularly and will be available from any computer or device that can access the internet, including your iPhone.

The following information will be available to parents:

  • The school calendar
  • Attendance information – today and any day in the past
  • News items
  • A list of your child’s teachers
  • Current and previous reports
  • Student timetable
  • Communicate with teachers
  • Assessment
  • Homework
  • Learning and behaviour plans
  • Parent teacher interview bookings


This list will grow as the program is further developed.

Parents will also be able to view the parent contact information that the school has on record and be able to contact the school to change any incorrect information.

Both the primary family contact and the alternative family contact (if this is the case) will have a unique logon to the parent portal. Primary and alternative families will only see their own contact information.

The address to logon to the Parent Portal is COMPASS