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Buckley Park College is accredited to provide education for International Students (CRICOS Provider Code 00861K, CRICOS Provider name Department of Education and Training) and has a long history of successfully welcoming international students. Most of our students come from China, Vietnam and Germany though we enjoy welcoming students from other countries as well. Our own community represents a diverse range of ethnic, cultural and religious traditions. International students find it easy to form friendships and fit in. We believe that the opportunity to form strong friendships with people from other places in the world enriches the education of our students.

Students are generally only accepted into Years 11 or 12. Assistance can be provided with homestay and guardianship arrangements. Overseas students access the full range of programs in the school. They are supported by the International Programs Coordinator with all aspects of their transition into the school and their personal well-being. International Students have access to all student support services including:

  • Airport reception
  • Orientation program into the school
  • Advice on new or second-hand uniforms and books
  • Student Wellbeing Officer
  • Qualified First Aid Officer
  • Educational Psychologist
  • Careers Guidance
  • Extra tuition and after school homework clubs.



International Students are supported to improve their spoken and written English through:

  • Individual assistance within mainstream English classes
  • Small group tuition for students identified as requiring ESL assistance
  • Extra individual support for some ESL students
  • Some overseas students who need even more English tuition choose to attend a local English Language Centre for 10 to 20 weeks before they come to Buckley Park College.



International students live in home stay accommodation organised through the school or with a relative. Most home stay providers live locally. The school makes a careful selection of suitable home stay accommodation for students who do not have relatives in Melbourne and closely monitors the welfare of students during their stay with their Australian families.


Buckley Park College is located in the north-western suburbs of Melbourne 12 km from the city centre of Melbourne and 11 km from Melbourne International Airport (Tullamarine).

The suburb of Essendon is a quiet, well-resourced area within the Moonee Valley City Council area. The local community includes shopping centres, public libraries, sporting facilities, arts centres and many public parks and gardens. It is well served by public transport including trams, buses and trains.


Applications for enrolment should be made through:

International Student Program Unit Department of Training

GPO Box 4367 Melbourne 3001 Victoria, Australia

41 St Andrews Place East Melbourne 3002 Victoria, Australia

Tel:     +61 3 9637 2990 Fax:    +61 3 9637 2184 Web: Email:

The International Programs Coordinator at Buckley Park College is Assistant Principal, Craig Dunstan

Phone: 03 9331 9999


Students apply directly through Buckley Park College will assess applications in a timely manner and seek phone interviews for students that progress through to the next stage of the application to determine English proficiency and suitability for enrolment at the school. BuckLey Park College will notify the International Education Division of the decision and this will be communicated to applicants. If successful applicants will be contacted directly by the school to commence enrolment procedures.


Do you accept international students (not AU citizens or PR)?

We generally accept International Students usually from Year 11. Most International students are required to do 6 months in a language centre before entry, however if they have an IELTS score of 5 to 6 then they can start immediately. International students are required to apply through an educational agent. More information regarding enrolment into public schools in Victoria can be found on the following website; This website will give you information regarding how to find an educational agent, fees, how to enrol, etc.


Do the kids need to take entrance exam?

This is not required, however if your children enter a language centre then they may have a number of tests to complete throughout their time.


How many students are there for each grade (e.g. grade 9 & 10)?

Buckley Park College has around 160 students per year level, class sizes are no larger than 25. These students come from a range of backgrounds, some are new residents to the country however most have been born in Australia. Currently there are International Students from Korea, China and Vietnam in varying year levels- we have had German students previously.


I heard that the available seats in many schools are very limited, what's the situation in your school? How much probability do you see that my kids can be accepted by your school for 2015?

This is very difficult to answer as enrolment numbers can fluctuate from the middle of the year until the end of term. The best process is to apply via the International Education Division (website above). When a Government school receives that application then they will look at positions available. Guidelines do not permit us to make promises without an application form.


Since the school year starts in Jan. in AU, do you suggest we repeat half year?

Because students will be educated solely in English then it is preferable for them to start at the beginning of the year if entering Year 11 but can start middle of the year if in lower year levels. However this may depend on their age at the time of application as well as their academic ability. All of this is processed by the International Education Division before it comes to the College.


I failed to find the information reg. cost. Can you help to provide such info (e.g. tuition, etc.)? fee schedule is the same for all Victorian Government schools. The fees can range in amounts depending on the length of time you intend to study. You will also need to budget for books, uniform and a VCE administration fee.


Do you provide accommodation support (e.g. manage home stay program, or provide boarding facilities)? And what about the cost?

The basic homestay fee is $270 per week as well as a further $10 per week internet fee. Parents need to also budget for books, school materials and uniform. Some (compulsory year level) camps are covered in the school fee payment, however the family may need to pay for excursions which occur from time to time. In VCE (Year 11 and 12) there is an additional administration charge.


Can international students represent the school in competitions?

The school participates in a number of sporting, debating and musical competitions. In previous years we have had a number of International Students participate in a range of sporting teams at the College. In particular we had a boy from Xian swim for the school and was third in his division in the State, a German student played in a band for the Prime minister and a Vietnamese student won a State prize for debating..


What are the biggest challenges for them do you see?

Each child is different but generally the major challenges are; language, educational/ teaching style differences, adjusting to cultural differences and homestay life and making friends. Buckley Park College has a number of strategies and programs to support International Students and try and make the adjustment as smooth and as easy as possible.


If we will send them to your school, do you have any suggestion about how/what they need to prepare in advance?

Most students go to a Language Centre (the College uses the Language Centre at Essendon Keilor as it is only 2kms from our College) and during that time the school starts to implement a number of transition programs to help make adjustment to College life easier including school visits, excursions, orientation programs. In my experience students from Germany have a level of English that means that they are not likely to need to enter a Language Centre and usually start at the College.

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