50th Anniversary Celebration

Anyone who was here at school with us on Saturday October 12 would agree that our 50th Anniversary was a spectacular success. The feeling of community pride and spirit was absolutely palpable. It was always going to be an important event, as celebrating 50 years of outstanding service to the Essendon community is special indeed. We should all feel pleased and proud with how the day unfolded.

We had displays of memorabilia in the library where past students and staff chatted together and reflected on memories of many years. We had food stalls, shops, calisthenics and judo displays, rides, activities for kids and of course, many displays of the talents of our current student and teachers. From the Devonshire tea area, through to the Notable Year 7s in A-block and on to the jumping castle on the grassed area, we were overwhelmed with the amount of people who joined us on the day, and we were truly lucky with the sun shining on us all day too.

On behalf of all of us at school, my sincere thanks to the students, families and staff who helped out on the day. There are too many people to thank individually, but please know that your work was appreciated. Special mention however, should go to Louise Gaynor and Richard Jones who formed a dynamic team to bring the event to life.

Mr Nathan Chisholm


Buckley Park College