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The End of Semester One saw the introduction of on-line reports for all students. Parents and students can access their reports through the Student and Parent portal and I would encourage you to do so if you haven’t already. The reports give a lot of detail about what the student has done as well as areas that they can improve on. Parents should go through the reports with their child so that improvement can be made in Semester Two. The system appears to have gone well but I would appreciate any feedback from parents by emailing me at the college.




It is good to hear that parents are logging onto the Parent Portal to see information about their children. Attendance information, reports as well as some assessments and homework are available to be viewed. Obviously with a new system it can take time for all to get used to it. Teachers have been using the Student Management Tool for several years now and the Parent Portal extends on what teachers have already done. Over the coming months, I would expect more information about how your child is going at school to be available on the portal.




It is good to see at the start of the new semester students embracing the school uniform – the vast majority are doing the right thing.

Students are expected to be in full school uniform travelling to and from school as well as when they are at school. Below I have listed some of the areas that some of our students need constant reminding of:

  • A plain black jacket (no logos or other colours) can be worn OVER the school jumper, not instead of the school jumper
  • White socks, only, with shorts (boys) and summer dress (girls)
  • Black tights for girls with winter uniform
  • White tee shirt or skivvy under the white polo or business shirt (no other colours).




We are currently restricted in area for students to play in and the variety in our Physical Education and Sport programs. Buckley Park Oval, which we have used as an extension to the small amount of outside areas that we have within the school has been closed all year and the we have had limited access to the top ground due to the wet conditions. Students have been using our south area but that is also becoming muddy. Hopefully, we will be able to resume our use of Buckley Park Oval shortly.




There is still a lot of congestion outside the school at the end of the school day. Spencer and Nimmo Streets, in particular, can be a hazard for our students as the leave the school.


I would ask that parents picking up students make arrangements to meet them further from the school. Cooper Street between Spencer and Market, utilising the Buckley Park Oval Car Park, would be a good spot. It is not unreasonable that secondary school students can walk several hundred metres to be picked up.




Just a reminder that Parent Teacher Interviews will take place on Wednesday 28th August. Interviews will be able to be booked through the Parent Portal. More information will be available closer to the date.


Geoff Currie


Assistant Principal - Student Development and Facilities







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