BPC Instructional Framework

The Buckley Park College Instructional Framework was collaboratively developed by the whole teaching staff in 2015, and informed by the work of Robert Marzano in The Art and Science of Teaching (2007).  Our instructional framework is the centre of our instructional practice improvement strategy: Performance and Development planning, Classroom Observations and Open Classroom Week. Use of our instructional framework to guide classroom practice is a non-negotiable commitment of teaching at our school. 


The Instructional Framework is our explicit, common model of instruction at Buckley Park College. The model is based on well researched high yield instructional strategies described in “Classroom Instruction That Works” (Marzano et al) and “Visible Learning” (John Hattie). It is expected that all teachers will regularly use this in planning lessons. Teachers will build apply the individual elements into lessons regularly to improve student learning. The Instructional Framework will allow for common understandings about learning and collaboration by teachers around what students do as they learn in classrooms.


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