College Swimming Sports Carnival

Results are in for the College Swimming Sports Carnival and look how close they are:

First Place-  Buckley 755 points

Second Place- Croft 748 points

Third Place- Hoffman 691 points

Fourth Place- Graves 638 points


Age Champions

13YR- Rebecca Austin (Graves) Cooper West (Croft)

14YR- Tasmin Crook ( Croft) Benjamin Vuong (Croft)

15YR- Amy Greer (Buckley) Joshua Lay (Graves)

16YR- Zara Curran (Buckley) Adam Selwood (Graves)

17YR- Mathilda Ohrt (Buckley) Matthew Austin (Graves)

18YR- Becca Pane (Buckley) Isaac Pane (Buckley)

Congratulations to all involved on a fantastic 2016 House Swimming Sports Carnival for 2016.

Alex Gunn

College AYDP & Sports Coordinator

Teacher of PE and Sport


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