Our school community is strengthened by its vibrant and dynamic performing arts program that encompasses performance, theory and stage production in a student-driven, highly creative setting.

Through our drama program, students are encouraged to refine their craft, explore aspects of acting, dance and musical theatre and unlock their creativity both in the classroom and beyond. 

Buckley Park College has long valued the educational merit and life skills that the performing arts instills in young people. Our program not only introduces students to culture, history and artistry, but it also gives them the skills to create their own stories, showcase their work and prepare for future careers. 

At Buckley Park College, students undertake one semester of Drama in Year 7 and 8. Drama is an elective in Year 9 and 10, offering students the depth and breadth to refine their knowledge and skills.

At the heart of performing arts at Buckley Park College is the relationship students develop with their peers and teachers, consolidating their engagement with the broader school community. 

The annual school production highlights the immense talent of our students in acting, singing and dancing or lighting, costume and backstage support. Recent school productions have been written and directed by our talented and highly trained Drama teachers and offer students a variety of styles in a professional, industry aligned environment. 

Each year students also compete in the House Theatre Festival, entirely planned, written, directed and performed by students from Year 7 to 12.


Buckley Park College prides itself on a Drama program that is inclusive, innovative and an ideal platform for students to express themselves.