Year 7 Night of Notables


When Thomas Edison was asked whether he was frustrated by all the time he had wasted before he found a light bulb, he replied, "It wasn't wasted. I discovered thousands of ways not to make a light bulb!" 

Such are the stories from the lives of the notable. They are interesting and inspirational. 

Students will be engaged in researching the life of a notable person of their choice. Their choices will reflect their own area of passionate interest. Each student will select a notable person in whom they are interested. The person to be studied is someone the student believes is a person who has made or is making a significant contribution to society, a producer, a change agent. Time is spent researching the many different aspects of that person, including background about his/her family, peers, abilities, interests, etc. Multiple resources are used, ranging from books and magazine articles to interviews and letters or inquiry.

Upon completion of the research, each student will participate in a presentation evening where the students will speak in the first person, wear the clothes and serve the food typical of that person’s life and times to an audience of family and friends. During this deep study of a notable person, the students come to realise both the opportunities and the challenges that their Notable encountered in realising their talents; in moving from potential to success.

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