Life Education



Life Education at Buckley Park College


Life Education is based on the science of Positive Psychology which promotes the idea of building positive emotions and resilience. Our purpose is to support and encourage the entire college community to understand what makes us well, and helps us feel good. Our focus is to teach resilience and make wellbeing more visible.



Why Life Education for Our Whole School? 


 “At Buckley Park College, we believe that being a school which values, esteems and actively teaches positivity, and the skills of wellbeing, is so important. We fully embrace the international research that supports this view. Students across our school will be encouraged to learn about what it is to be truly well; they’ll be challenged to think about what makes them really happy and they’ll be supported to reflect on how best to handle situations which make them sad, and when times are tough. This is about building the resilience of our young people, so vital to making their way in a complex world.” 




Positive Experiences

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