Bug Lab 2017

To engage and increase students understanding in Science the Year 7 students all went on excursions last week to the Melbourne Museum.

Inspired by the secret life of bugs and their genius ways, our students explored the new exhibition,’ Bug Lab: Little Bugs, Super Power’. Bug Lab immerses audiences of all ages in a journey to zoom in on the world beneath your feet!

Students came face-to-face with large scale critters and heard stories from six unique insects!  They dug- deep into cutting-edge science to uncover the adaptive genius of bugs and discover how humans are using bugs as inspiration for new technologies.

After a quick lunch it was off to IMAX to watch the movie ‘Museum Alive 3D’. David Attenborough led us on a fascinating nocturnal adventure through London’s famous Natural History Museum.

Bug Lab exhibits until 15 October and ‘Museum Live 3D’ is still showing at IMAX.

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