Changes to our SEAL program from 2019 Intake


There will be significant change to SEAL for the future from our 2019 intake. 

In summary, there has been a Department decision that schools can no longer use programs/approaches such as SEAL to select students for entry to the school. Schools that have reached their capacity are not permitted to enrol students from outside neighbourhood boundaries even on the basis of an academic test/results. Essentially this has always been the DET policy, but different governments interpret and enforce this policy in different ways.

This is now the case for our school and there will be NO 2018 testing for a SEAL program in 2019.


For students in current SEAL classes and the SEAL intake of 2018 it will be business as usual with our classes remaining as SEAL class groups until they reach senior school and VCE.

As a school we are commitment to provide extension opportunities for all students at our school, ensuring pathways are personalised and students have early entry VCE opportunity. We adopt the best aspects of the SEAL content and pedagogy to enrich the whole curriculum.  Extending students starts with knowing them deeply and this will continue to be our core strategic focus for the future.

Throughout 2018 the college will discuss the best strategies to ensure enrichment is available to all students.

We look forward to working closely with all students’ families, providing personalised pathways of extension and enrichment long into the future.

Please don’t hesitate to contact the school should you have further questions.

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