Debating Success Continues- 2019 'Swannie Awards' Presentation Night

On Friday evening, two students from Buckley Park College, Alexander Walsh (Year 12) and Isabelle Orosz (Year 11), attended the esteemed ‘Swannie Awards’ Presentation Night at Methodist Ladies College.

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Owen Parris receives an 'Outstanding Award' in The University of Melbourne/ACEMS - School Mathematics Competition

On Saturday 12th October, Year 8 student, Owen Parris attended a ceremony at the University of Melbourne to receive his 'Outstanding Award' in The University of Melbourne/ACEMS - School Mathematics Competition.  

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Polished Man

Did you know worldwide one child dies every 5 minutes as a result of violence?  This is a hard statistic to get your head around. The VCAL students, found ourselves wondering what they could do to help end violence against children.  Polished Man was the answer. 

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Debating Success- Congratulations! Buckley Park College Debating Team

For the first time since the inauguration of the school in 1963, Buckley Park College’s Year 12 debating team made it into the final eight of the prestigious ‘A Grade’ championship in the Debaters Association of Victoria, the largest English-language debating competition in the world.

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2019 Positive Student & Staff Nominees & Winners

Being positive, having positive emotions and influencing others to be positive can support us to live longer and happier lives. Students in Years 7 to 12 and Staff were asked to nominate a student and staff member that has positively impacted on others at Buckley Park College or the wider community.

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Leading Teacher Candidates- School Tour

Buckley Park College campus tours for Leading Teacher Candidates are on Thursday 17th October at 4 pm. Please contact our office to register your interest.

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Respectful Relationships Student Forum

As a Lead School of Respectful Relationships some of our student leaders had the opportunity to participate in a student forum focusing on being an upstander.  This was an excellent day, full of many activities and we left with much knowledge.

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Buckley Park College-Principal Position Information

Buckley Park College Principal Position Information and Principal Tour dates.

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Melbourne FC & Buckley Park tackle cyberbullying.

#ihaveyourback- Melbourne Football Club players Jack Viney, Max Gawn and Lauren Pearce along with students from Buckley Park College share effective ways to address cyberbullying and be an upstander online.

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Careersbpc News- Facebook

Career decisions are some of the most important ones of your life, so getting help in making those decisions is vital. Careersbpc is one source of information available to you. Careersbpc will provide you with information about how to choose a career, information sessions on courses and careers.

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Traffic and Parking Around Buckley Park College

Can I again stress the importance of correct driving and parking in the vicinity of the school when dropping off and picking up students? The following is of particular concern to the school:

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